H5P activities allow you to create interactive content such as interactive videos, quizzes and presentations and more without needing any programming skills. You can use it to create a variety of self-paced activities for students to revision, practice what they have learned, and self-assessments to test their understanding of each topic.

How do I create H5P interactive content?

You can create your H5P content in the module's Content Bank. 

Step 1, Go to the designated course and click Content Bank from the left Navigation block.

Step 2, Click Add and choose any of H5P content you want to create from the drop-down list.

Step 3, Follow the instructions and prompts to add content and create the activity. The steps and prompts will be different for each type. Click Save once you're done.


Note: For more information on the examples and details of H5P Interactive Content, please click HERE.


How do I add an H5P activity?

After you have created the H5P interactive contents, now you can add them to your module page for students to view. 

Step 1, Go to the module page and click "Turn editing on".

Step 2, Click "+Add an activity and resource" at the bottom of the section.


Step 3, At the Add an activity and resource pop-up window, there are two ways to get the H5P

a) Go to the Activities Tab, and scroll down to find "H5P"

b) OR you can type in "H5P" in the search box to find the H5P

then, select the H5P icon or H5P link and the Adding a new H5P page opens.

Step 4, Fill in the required fields, and then click next to the Package file to choose the H5P content. The File picker pop up will be opened.

Step 5, Go to Content Bank tab, and select the H5P content. 

Step 6, After choosing the content, a pop up window will be shown. Click Select this file to confirm your selection.

Step 7, After you have configured finish the H5P activity, click Save and return to course to return to your main module page, or Save and display to preview your H5P content.