The custom certificate module allows the generation of dynamic PDF certificates with complete customisation via the web browser. It is different from the certificate module which requires PHP and FTP access in order to customise its appearance.

Guide on how to create a custom certificate.
Step 1, go to the designated course page and click "Turn editing on".


Step 2, click "Add an activity and resource"


Step 3, choose "Custom certificate".


Step 4, fill in the "Name".


Step 5, click "Save and display".


After finished creating the certificate requirements, then you will need to create the certificate.
Step 5, go to "Settings" and click "Edit certificate".


Step 6, choose "Background image" as the first element. Then click "Add element". 


Step 7, upload the background image of the certificate. Then click "Save changes".
More elements can be added to the certificate such as "Border", "Category Name", "QR code" and many more.


Step 8, after adding the element, click "Reposition elements" to rearrange the elements in the certificate. After rearranging the elements, click "Save and close"

Then click "Save changes and preview" to have the look at the certificates.