The Lesson activity allows teachers to create 'branching' exercises where students are presented with content and then, depending on their responses, are directed to specific pages. The content may be text or multimedia.

Step 1, go to the designated course page and click "Turn editing on".


Step 2, click on "Add an activity or resource".


Step 3, click on "Lesson".


Step 4, fill in the required field.


Step 5, click "Save and display".



A Page resource allows students to see a single, web page within a Moodle course. Instructors can format text, add links, insert images and videos, and modify a page's HTML code with Moodle's robust text editor.

Step 1, go to the designated course and click "Turn editing on" mode.


Step 2, click "Add an activity and resource"


Step 3, choose "Page" under "Resources" tab.


Step 4, fill the required field


Step 5, add content such as text, audio and video.

Lastly, click "Save and display".